Petros Thinks UCLA Is The Best Team In LA… Possibly…

Above is Petros talking about what occurred in the college football world over the past weekend on Fred Roggin’s sports show called “The Challenge”.   Interesting part was edited by your truly in which Petros emphatically states that SC got taken out to the woodshed by a less talented Stanford team, and goes far as to refers to the Tree’s quarterback  Josh Nunes as JAG (Just Another Guy).  When the topic turn into UCLA football, Petros instead is amazingly complementary of the bruins football team stating that they might be the best football team in LA, but they will have to prove it against USC.   God damn it I love Petros.   All you bruins who think Petros is bias have no freaken clue.

On a side note, with the forced de-commitement of Eddie Printz, bruin faithfuls thought we were in good position to flip Narbonne quarterback Troy Williams from Washington Huskies.   Uh.. It don’t look too good right now captain.

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