Petros Going OFF On Lane Kiffin “No One Feels Sorry For USC!”

Audio/Video of Petros going off on a massive 13 minute tirade at Lane Kiffin during last night's Petros & Money show.   It's a must listen for anyone who is baffled by this particular Lane Kiffin response to why there are 6 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 rankings.  I quote. “It's the result of us not nailing recruiting over the last five years," Kiffin said Sunday when asked Read more

Westbrook, Long Tradition Of UCLA Hipsters

I see everyone is going ape shit over the outfit that Russell Westbrook wore to the post game press conference after game one of the western conference semi finals.   For those of you who missed it, here is what Russell decided to put on his body before speaking to the media.   Now do I think that it's a horrible outfit?  Kind of, mainly because of the gold that is Read more

Mancrush of spring practices: Steven Manfro

I ran into some guy named Barry Sanders last night at a party and I asked him, "hey, aren't you the black Steven Manfro?" Here are  couple of my Steven Manfro observations from watching the spring practices so far. During scrimmage, a swing pass was thrown to Steven Manfro from Richard Brehaut and to my amazement, after catching the pass Steven did not accelerate but rather just nonchalantly walked down the Read more

UCLA Football: Attack With Passion Poster

I get about 3 emails a week from this little blog of mine and about 3 of those tend to be from other bruin fans who love the fact that I am updating the UCLA image up to the modern times (aka. nike) with a little help my friend photoshop.   So here is one more poster for UCLA football and personally my favorite so far.   Attack with passion, go Read more

Lou Spanos’ Potential 3-4 Defense vs Joe Tresey’s 4-wtf-0-2 Defense

Above you see the potential 3-4 defense that UCLA might run in the upcoming football season, the whole thing is predicated on having a large nose tackle and tweener defensive tackles that will clog up the  gaps in the line, while having speedy line backers to increase the coverage of the field in both pass and run situations.   Or at least, that is what is stated on Wikipedia.  Now Read more

GWiz Recuriting Tidbits 10/10/12

GWiz talking about UCLA football recruiting

Okay without going into a great deal of depth here is what i have been hearing.

Our DB class if signing day was today (10/10/12)

Before I name names… All of the coaches and especially coach meat (Demetrice Martin)  has been hitting recruiting hard!!  With that said, expect to hear a lot more of “kids from his region coming in for a visit”.


Jermaine Kelly: will be a fight with Yarber for this kid.

Johnnie Johnson: ND is making a push, remember his classmate and friend went to ND but later transferred.

Priest Willis: I have it on good authority that if he had to sign today, he would sign with UCLA, but I was told he will most likely wait til end of season and announce his decision on tv.  If Priest decides to announce it earlier, it will be televised on espn.

L.J. Moore: The kid is loving the media attention just like a CB would.  L.J. is in my opinion is an underrated 4 star, not saying he is a 5 star player but just saying he is higher 4 star caliber player…  at least to me.

The last spot is up for grabs but I would take Daquwan Brown not because he went to my alma mater, but because he can ball…..


Mossi Johnson: Will be a fight with Yarber againg over this kid. He would play Jerry Johnson’s spot in our offense and is faster than Jordon Payton, who is currently in that spot now.  I love Jordon so no slight on him.

Jayon Williams: Will end up in the rover spot so I added him to Ulbrich’s haul

Tyler Foreman: No inside info here on him.  It just makes sense to me if he is looking at playing time and for a team on the rise, UCLA is the place to be.  Plus, he has other Crespi guys on the squad now.

Hatari Byrd: I was told today 10/10/12 that coach meat is on Hatari.  Now for those who know, you would also know the reason why he is going to Oklahoma.  I wish him the best since he is a really good kid.  I’m not certain if it is a grades thing but i truly believe we will hear of him de-commiting in Dec, and becoming a soft verbal.  That is if what I am being told is true.

Donovan Munger: Getting him isn’t a pipe dream and that is all I will say about that.  Well one thing I will say is that it is looking good with him!!   However, for a kid from Ohio, it will be hard for him to say no if the Buckeyes came calling.  Donovan wants to play on defense but Klemm is the one who is on this kid.  Donovan is built like a OT with long arms, but I see more of an Alonzo Spellman type of long arm made for a DE/DT (just not as athletic as Alonzo…or as crazy).

Will be interesting few months (we need to keep winning!!!)

*Gwiz is a poster on BRO who I tremendously respect.   Intermediately, he tends to drop information on the premium members about what he hears on the streets when it comes to UCLA recruiting.  However,  remember that  just like every other information that involves UCLA athletics, the situation is very fluid and can change at any momment.   DAMN YOU CHRIS BEAVER TOOTH PETERSEN FOR INGRAINING THE WORD “FLUID” INTO MY VOCABULARY!*

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E:60 Story On Patrick Larimore

patrick larimore concussion story on espn

This video is courtesy of ESPN’s E:60 program.  The segment features Patrick Larimore’s struggle with  deciding to medically retire from the UCLA football program from numerous concussions.   Patrick states that he had about 6 severe concussions from head trauma before deciding to retire from football, and even then it was only with encouragement of his parents that he decided to do so.   Great segment by espn, and it features Damien Holmes, Coach Mora, as well as Patrick and his parents talking about the situation that lead up to Larry’s decision.  Click on the header pic above or “read more” option below next to the plus sign to be taken to the video.

Read more

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LaFemmeBruin’s UCLA vs Cal In MSPaint

ucla vs colorado joe fauria touchdown

One of the posts that I really enjoy on bruinreportonline is a weekly synopsis done by a poster named LaFemmeBruin who captures essence of what occurred in the previous weekend’s game in MS paint form.   So with her consent I now present to you LaFemmeBruin’s MS Paint review of what exactly transpired during the UCLA vs Cal game.   Click “read more” below or the above pic to see last weekend’s atrocity.   Enjoy.

Read more

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UCLA vs Cal Highlights

Above are the highlights I made from tonight UCLA vs Cal game.  Let me know if I missed a play which should have been included in the video mix, but I must state up front that in my humble opinion, I think I captured what exactly occurred up at Berkley to a tee.

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Top 3 QBs In The Pac 12 So Far…

sean mannion best qb in the pac 12?

1. Sean Mannion : #beaverjuice, Sean Mannion has been slurping a lot of it.   He is what Matt Barkley should have been this year.   Take Tom Brady and erase all his dreamboat like qualities along with his never ending collection of male Uggs, what are you left with?  You are left with Sean Mannion.   Sean has a perfect frame for a pro style QB along with a rocket arm which also happens to be very very accurate.   If those qualities were not enough, besides that cannon of an arm, Mannion has the toughness to be an extra on the set of “walking dead” since no matter how massive of a hit he takes,  he will just rise back to his feet in a very nonathletic way to fling more TDs down the field.   Get past that every damn white kid from Indiana face of his because then you will see a very solid quarterback, if not a special one.

2. Brett Hundley: Is he the “savior” as UCLA fans like to refer to him?  Well, listen, every QB after Cade McNown has been labeled as a savior to start off the season so there is no great honor in garnering that nickname.  However, unlike others QBs before him Brett has shown the poise, leadership, and mobility to be something special in the upcoming years.   First, Brett is very accurate in his short to medium range passes which is a great asset to have in the Noel Mazzone’s swing pass heavy offense.  Secondly, Hundley’s running ability (which is a bit overrated in my opinion, think of Pat Cowan minus the quality of ending every run with a massive hit to his head) gives him the elusiveness to buy extra time for himself in the pocket or to gain much needed yards past the line of scrimmage when his pass protection breaks down.   And finally, Brett doesn’t have to deal with the Pistol aka “Fingerbang” offense that we had last year which in no doubt would have left him with a concussion by the 3rd quarter of the opening game.  But let’s not pretend like this kid came out of nowhere to Rudy his way into our hearts this year, Brett was the 3rd rated QB in the country coming out of high school.  He is just living up to his potential right now and good news for UCLA fans is that his potential has the highest ceiling of any QB we have had in our football program since Troy Aikman.

3. Matt Barkely: Matt “Prometheus” Barkley has been downgraded to Heisman doubtful due to the amount of hype he had coming into this season and frankly not living up to any of it.  Just like the prequel to Aliens, Barkley had unimaginable hype that only let to a tremendous let down by the public upon viewing the final product.  The key to stopping Barkley seems to be simple, get to him early and get to him often.  I will say one thing for previous OG Matty, but Leinart stood there in the pocket never got flustered no matter how heavy the shots were.  Sure, 90% of that bravado was probably due to syphilis eating away at Leinart’s brain, but it’s still a quality that the Matty 2.0 just doesn’t have even after spending 4 years at the helm.  If I was a defensive coordinator for Utah, I would trade a giving up an early touchdown for a massive hit on Barkley early on in the game because the chances are after the hit Matty will start floating 99 balloons up in the air hoping that one of his athletic and explosive comrades will catch the the damn thing and run 95 yds with it.  Mobility is a word that is not allowed in the Barkley household and it has hurt him tremendously with the suspect offensive line he has in front of him this year.  Matty 2.0 pro draft stock has been slipping slowly and he needs to do some damage control against Utah to bring it back to the preseason level.

Honorary mentions – Taylor Kelly, Matt Scott, anyone not named Josh Nunes.

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Petros Going OFF On Lane Kiffin “No One Feels Sorry For USC!”

petros going off on lane kiffin
Audio/Video of Petros going off on a massive 13 minute tirade at Lane Kiffin during last night’s Petros & Money show.   It’s a must listen for anyone who is baffled by this particular Lane Kiffin response to why there are 6 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 rankings.  I quote.

“It’s the result of us not nailing recruiting over the last five years,” Kiffin said Sunday when asked for his thoughts on the news. “It’s the players getting away, and it’s been our goal to stop that.”

The fuck are you saying Lame???  First, way to throw Pete Carroll under the bus and second, let’s totally ignore the fact that you have the most talented lineup in the college football universe.   Forget it, just listen to Petros demolishes Lane’s retarded excuses and dissect him verbally like Nas did to Jay Z on the track “Ether”.

Read more

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