Petros Going OFF On Lane Kiffin “No One Feels Sorry For USC!”

Audio/Video of Petros going off on a massive 13 minute tirade at Lane Kiffin during last night's Petros & Money show.   It's a must listen for anyone who is baffled by this particular Lane Kiffin response to why there are 6 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 rankings.  I quote. “It's the result of us not nailing recruiting over the last five years," Kiffin said Sunday when asked Read more

Westbrook, Long Tradition Of UCLA Hipsters

I see everyone is going ape shit over the outfit that Russell Westbrook wore to the post game press conference after game one of the western conference semi finals.   For those of you who missed it, here is what Russell decided to put on his body before speaking to the media.   Now do I think that it's a horrible outfit?  Kind of, mainly because of the gold that is Read more

Mancrush of spring practices: Steven Manfro

I ran into some guy named Barry Sanders last night at a party and I asked him, "hey, aren't you the black Steven Manfro?" Here are  couple of my Steven Manfro observations from watching the spring practices so far. During scrimmage, a swing pass was thrown to Steven Manfro from Richard Brehaut and to my amazement, after catching the pass Steven did not accelerate but rather just nonchalantly walked down the Read more

UCLA Football: Attack With Passion Poster

I get about 3 emails a week from this little blog of mine and about 3 of those tend to be from other bruin fans who love the fact that I am updating the UCLA image up to the modern times (aka. nike) with a little help my friend photoshop.   So here is one more poster for UCLA football and personally my favorite so far.   Attack with passion, go Read more

Lou Spanos’ Potential 3-4 Defense vs Joe Tresey’s 4-wtf-0-2 Defense

Above you see the potential 3-4 defense that UCLA might run in the upcoming football season, the whole thing is predicated on having a large nose tackle and tweener defensive tackles that will clog up the  gaps in the line, while having speedy line backers to increase the coverage of the field in both pass and run situations.   Or at least, that is what is stated on Wikipedia.  Now Read more

2012 Holiday Bowl Poster

UCLA holiday bowl poster

Had to take a bit of a break to recover from the devastating loss to Stanford.  It’s a gradual process and lot of wounds needs to be healed before I can jump back on to this blog and start posting regularly.  Sure, a routine of snorting copious amount of bath salts while listening to “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men has regenerating my energy to a point where I am able to log back on, but  you and I both know that there are more steps to take in order to cure a broken heart.

Be back in full force during the week of the Holiday Bowl, until then enjoy the UCLA holiday bowl poster above (click on the picture to be taken to the full sized poster -> will be taken to my minus account where you can put your mouse over the picture and use the download option on the upper right side to save the 2000 x 882 version).

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LaFemmeBruin’s UCLA vs Stanford In MSPaint

UCLA vs ASU 2012 in MS Paint

One of the posts that I really enjoy on bruinreportonline is a weekly synopsis done by a poster named LaFemmeBruin who captures essence of what occurred in the previous weekend’s game in MS paint form.   So with her consent I now present to you LaFemmeBruin’s MS Paint review of what exactly transpired during the UCLA vs Stanford game.   Click “read more” below or the above pic to see last weekend’s what ever that was.   Enjoy.

Read more

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Why I Hate The Few Gracious USC Fans

gracious USC fan meme

You know who bothers me more than obnoxious Southern Cal fans?  The few gracious and friendly SC fans, takes all the fun out of trash talking.

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Mora vs TJ Simers

If you are looking through my site looking for Stanford highlight videos then you need to GTFO since there were none.  It was a lackluster performance by the Bruins and on top of it a horrifically boring game, with the only saving grace of the night being the post game verbal scuffle between UCLA head coach Jim L Mora and LA Times columnist TJ Simers.  You can watch their who’s dick is bigger interaction here or read about T.J view of what exactly occurred here.

Now was the verbal jousting between these two equivalent of Nas vs Jay Z battle of the college football world?  Not really, but for those of you who are too lazy to either look up the video I linked above or read the one lone white guy in America named T.J’s written article, let me give you a brief summation of what occurred.

Mora: What up y’all?

T.J: Yo, why you be losing on purpose dog?

Mora: Oh hell naw…..  *pitch of his voice starts going up* Bitch, what did you just say?

T.J: You hear me stuttering?  Don’t look for backups yo, man up!

Mora: *looks away*  Bitch please…

2 mins go by

T.J: You heard me call you out last time right? ……….. RIGHT?

Mora: Fool you got something to say come up and say to my face DOG!

T.J: You don’t want me to come up there and step to you homie, oh hell naw you don’t want that.

Mora: For real though?  You think I will be scared of your punk ass? *arms open to the side* Come at me BRO!  COME AT ME!

T.J: …..

Mora:  *death glare to TJ and mumbles to himself*  oh I wish a muthafucka would………..

That pretty much sums up what occurred between the two BFFs.  Nothing big but hell of a lot more entertaining than the acutal football game that occurred before it which was basically nothing but a wedding rehearsal before the final ceremony.

Go Bruins!  Chop down those trees.

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Rivals – 2012 UCLA vs USC Music Video

It’s……….. It’s… my…. masterpiece…

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Rivalry Poster

2012 UCLA vs USC football poster

I came across a great site for photoshop tutorials (tutzor) and by following the instruction of one of the many lesson, came up with the above poster to celebrate 2012 UCLA victory over USC.   High resolution picture (1200 x 1600) of the above can be found here and before anyone asks, no I do not believe you can print these out and sell them since I do not own the images on the original photos or the tutorial.   Whatever you choose to do with the poster should be for personal reasons only and not for any monetary gains.  Go Bruins beat Stanford!

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