Petros Going OFF On Lane Kiffin “No One Feels Sorry For USC!”

Audio/Video of Petros going off on a massive 13 minute tirade at Lane Kiffin during last night's Petros & Money show.   It's a must listen for anyone who is baffled by this particular Lane Kiffin response to why there are 6 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 rankings.  I quote. “It's the result of us not nailing recruiting over the last five years," Kiffin said Sunday when asked Read more

Westbrook, Long Tradition Of UCLA Hipsters

I see everyone is going ape shit over the outfit that Russell Westbrook wore to the post game press conference after game one of the western conference semi finals.   For those of you who missed it, here is what Russell decided to put on his body before speaking to the media.   Now do I think that it's a horrible outfit?  Kind of, mainly because of the gold that is Read more

Mancrush of spring practices: Steven Manfro

I ran into some guy named Barry Sanders last night at a party and I asked him, "hey, aren't you the black Steven Manfro?" Here are  couple of my Steven Manfro observations from watching the spring practices so far. During scrimmage, a swing pass was thrown to Steven Manfro from Richard Brehaut and to my amazement, after catching the pass Steven did not accelerate but rather just nonchalantly walked down the Read more

UCLA Football: Attack With Passion Poster

I get about 3 emails a week from this little blog of mine and about 3 of those tend to be from other bruin fans who love the fact that I am updating the UCLA image up to the modern times (aka. nike) with a little help my friend photoshop.   So here is one more poster for UCLA football and personally my favorite so far.   Attack with passion, go Read more

Lou Spanos’ Potential 3-4 Defense vs Joe Tresey’s 4-wtf-0-2 Defense

Above you see the potential 3-4 defense that UCLA might run in the upcoming football season, the whole thing is predicated on having a large nose tackle and tweener defensive tackles that will clog up the  gaps in the line, while having speedy line backers to increase the coverage of the field in both pass and run situations.   Or at least, that is what is stated on Wikipedia.  Now Read more

Now To The Second Best Program In Los Angeles…. USC (video)

jason sehorn gives Lane Kiffin a grade of "D"

Did Jesus came back to life in the form of a Persian sports anchor?

Dari Nowkhah: “Now on to the second best program in Los Angeles.  USC”

Jason Sehorn: “Did you really just say that?  Is this basketball season we are talking about?”

Dari Nowkhah: “Well you wouldn’t be the second best then, you might be somewhere below Loyola Marymount.”

Oh no you didn’t!  Inside you will find the video of the above transcribed interaction between Jason Sehorn and Dari Nowkhah, along with Jason giving Lane Kiffin a grade of “D” on his head coaching performance this year.  Sehorn loves his alma mater but doesn’t really mince words when it comes to talking about this year’s USC football team.  “They have not beaten ANYBODY this year,  You (USC) don’t even have a tough schedule!”  Yikes, Lane better get his shit together on the shadier part of town otherwise the whole Kiffin Klan is going to get the boot sooner than later.

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LaFemmeBruin’s UCLA vs Arizona In MSPaint

UCLA vs ASU 2012 in MS Paint

One of the posts that I really enjoy on bruinreportonline is a weekly synopsis done by a poster named LaFemmeBruin who captures essence of what occurred in the previous weekend’s game in MS paint form.   So with her consent I now present to you LaFemmeBruin’s MS Paint review of what exactly transpired during the UCLA vs Arizona game.   Click “read more” below or the above pic to see last weekend’s victory.   Enjoy.

Read more

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Classy SC Fan Memes

classy USC fan meme

Before ESPN came to it’s senses and deleted the photo, college sports fans from all over the world saw a picture of a mid life crisis having SC fan giving Kenjon Barner the fight on victory sign minus the index finger.  Classy my man, classy.  Well hopefully this rabid SC fan becomes an internet meme sensation like the ridiculously photogenic guy because he certainly deserves it.  After all, the guy took a break from being an extra on Sons Of Anarchy to attend a football game in order to support his team, now that is effort.  Good effort, good job.

Click ‘read more’ option below or the above pic of Eli looking at things to be taken to the photochops.

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USC Trojans SUCK!!! Guy in GIF form..

usc trojans suck guy in gif form

This guys is just pure bath salts and liquid cocaine combined into form of a USC fandom.  If you missed the original youtube video where he goes on a good 10 minute tirade about how the Kiffin family is bringing down the Trojan empire, I suggest you watch it ASAP since it can only describe it as a flawless urban interpretation of leave Britney Alone video.  Can someone please do the right thing and send his neighbors some “Beats” by Dre headphones?    My man, I think that’s Derrick Coleman banging on your door telling you to shut your ass up cause you are being too loud.  What?  Too soon?

He states in his other video that he is a journalism major at Cal State Fullerton.  Pro USC or not, I will publish this guys writing without any edits.  Because I am not sick of this guy at all.  I AM NOT SICK OF THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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UCLA vs Arizona Highlights

ucla vs arizona 2012 highlights

Another nail biter.  It’s fortunate that we pulled out the victory during the last seconds of the game otherwise it would have ruined a great record breaking night for Johnathan Franklin.  First of all, let me start this post off by stating Hank Hobson is moving all extremities and all signs seems to point to him having a full recovery.  Also, I sincerely hope that Matt Scott didn’t suffer his second concussion from the Anthony Barr hit in the end zone, the black Kelly Slater has been one of my favorite players to watch in the Pac 12 and he will always continue to be my favorite for the performance he put on against SC.

Now moving on to the highlights, due to the abundance of scoring in the game I decided to put every score on one reel than separating them into categories like I tended to do in the past.  Therefore there are only two highlight reels inside this post.  One is the first touchdown by Johnathan Franklin where he broke Gaston Green’s all time UCLA rushing record and the celebration following it (if anyone has the footage they showed on the screen at the rosebowl I would appreciate it if you shared it with the fans who did not get a chance to see it).   The second is all the touchdowns scored by UCLA including the last one by the walk on running back Melvin Emesibe, where it drew an uncharacteristic 15 yard personal foul penalty for Johnathan Franklin because he decided to run down the field to the end zone from the sidelines to celebrate the score with Melvin BET After Dark style.

Great win all around, A+ and cookies for everyone.  Go Bruins!

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I Would Change The Helmets, Another L.A Nights Uniform Post

adjustments to la night ucla uniform

The original instagram pic posted by UCLA running back Jordon James, which includes the cleats and gloves can be found here .  I love the design on the shoes, love the gloves, love the navy blue jerseys, and love the powder blue numbers accentuated by the white outline.   The helmet however?  Eh….. Not so much.

Personally I feel like the gold color on the face mask clashes too much with other parts of the uniform hence I made the color navy just like the helmet.  And while I understand that white is not our traditional color, a white UCLA script instead of the gold on the helmet would have made the uniform well… more uniform.   What do you guys think?  However, I love the fact that UCLA/Adidas are experimenting with new gear and the outcome so far does not look anything like Maryland’s half a bloody tampon and half a stripper leggings football attire.  Go bruins.

*update: I take it back, after looking at the below video, the gold trims seems to work out pretty well under a darkly lit setting.  Arizona will be a night game so the uniforms will actually look damn spectacular in my opinion*

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Stay Classy Sun Devils.

stay classy arizona state

This gif is taken right after the last second field goal by Ka’imi Fairbairn when FX camera crew decided to focus on the Arizona State student section (you can see a high definition video here).   What bothered me is not the faux Keanu throwing what appears to be a yellow headband at a UCLA fan leaving the stadium.  No what actually bothered me was the blond headed kid next to him flexing a “come at me bro” posture with his 15 year old girl like muscle definition.  It’s like Jesus took everything that was Cobra Kai and decided to make a human out of it.  Sweep the leg of the kicker… You got a problem with that?

Stay classy ASU, be thankful that half of the population in the world still loves you for being the main incubator for future porn stars of America.

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UCLA “LA Nights” Navy Football Uniform (Updated Version)

UCLA LA Nights Jersey for 2012

Special thanks goes out to Derf18 and Bruinword for filling me in on some details that were missing on my previous mock up of the rumored “LA Nights” all navy UCLA football uniforms.   This 2.0 revised version of the mock up has a blue stripe going down the middle of the helmet like Derf18 pointed out along with gold UCLA logo on the side of the helmets as Bruinword suggested.   By the way, all of these details suggested by the readers of this blog are actually from David Woods who works for BruinReportOnline.

Click on the “read more” option below or the preview picture above to be taken to the full version of the all navy “LA Nights” mock up.   Again, shout outs to Derf18 and Bruinword for updating me on the details of the unis. I think what you see in this post will be really damn close to what we will see on the field on Nov 24th.

*update: here are the official LA Nights uniform, which will actually debut against Arizona Wildcats this weekend.*

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LaFemmeBruin’s UCLA vs ASU In MSPaint

UCLA vs ASU 2012 in MS Paint

One of the posts that I really enjoy on bruinreportonline is a weekly synopsis done by a poster named LaFemmeBruin who captures essence of what occurred in the previous weekend’s game in MS paint form.   So with her consent I now present to you LaFemmeBruin’s MS Paint review of what exactly transpired during the UCLA vs ASU game.   Click “read more” below or the above pic to see last weekend’s victory.   Enjoy.

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Petros Thinks Brett Hundley Might Win The Heisman In Couple Of Years

petros papadakis thinks brett hundley might win the heisman in couple of years

Petros Papadakis was on Fred Rogan’s “The Challenge” last night and talked about how much he loved Jim Mora and this years UCLA squad.   But the quote that caught my attention comes at 0:16 mark of the video inside.

“This Brett Hundley, with in a couple of years we might be talking about the Heisman trophy with this kid, he is a special player.”

Wha~~~~  For real thou???  That is a lot of pressure to put on a red-shirt freshman but so far Brett has been anything but your typical red-shirt freshman quarterback.    Check out the video inside.

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