Petros Going OFF On Lane Kiffin “No One Feels Sorry For USC!”

Audio/Video of Petros going off on a massive 13 minute tirade at Lane Kiffin during last night's Petros & Money show.   It's a must listen for anyone who is baffled by this particular Lane Kiffin response to why there are 6 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 rankings.  I quote. “It's the result of us not nailing recruiting over the last five years," Kiffin said Sunday when asked Read more

Westbrook, Long Tradition Of UCLA Hipsters

I see everyone is going ape shit over the outfit that Russell Westbrook wore to the post game press conference after game one of the western conference semi finals.   For those of you who missed it, here is what Russell decided to put on his body before speaking to the media.   Now do I think that it's a horrible outfit?  Kind of, mainly because of the gold that is Read more

Mancrush of spring practices: Steven Manfro

I ran into some guy named Barry Sanders last night at a party and I asked him, "hey, aren't you the black Steven Manfro?" Here are  couple of my Steven Manfro observations from watching the spring practices so far. During scrimmage, a swing pass was thrown to Steven Manfro from Richard Brehaut and to my amazement, after catching the pass Steven did not accelerate but rather just nonchalantly walked down the Read more

UCLA Football: Attack With Passion Poster

I get about 3 emails a week from this little blog of mine and about 3 of those tend to be from other bruin fans who love the fact that I am updating the UCLA image up to the modern times (aka. nike) with a little help my friend photoshop.   So here is one more poster for UCLA football and personally my favorite so far.   Attack with passion, go Read more

Lou Spanos’ Potential 3-4 Defense vs Joe Tresey’s 4-wtf-0-2 Defense

Above you see the potential 3-4 defense that UCLA might run in the upcoming football season, the whole thing is predicated on having a large nose tackle and tweener defensive tackles that will clog up the  gaps in the line, while having speedy line backers to increase the coverage of the field in both pass and run situations.   Or at least, that is what is stated on Wikipedia.  Now Read more

UCLA vs USC 2013 “UCLA Runs LA”

UCLA beats USC

Enough said. Click on the image above or “read more” next to the plus sign below to be taken to the video.

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UCLA vs Washington Highlights


Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack be licking fingers for every touchdowns while you throw picks.

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Myles Jack vs Arizona Highlight (HD)


  • Myles Jack once took a knee in a victory formation… It was a 38 yd gain.
  • Myles Jack once bullied Richie Incognito into quitting football.
  • Myles Jack once scored a touchdown during a timeout.
  • Sean Covington didn’t overthrow Myles Jack, the ball just ran away from Jack out of fear.
  • Mora told Myles Jack to write up a game plan on beating Arizona, Myles just wrote his name on a piece of paper and turned it in.
  • Richie Incognito once left Myles Jack a voicemail, it stated, “Hi Myles… I am a big fan..”
  • Sandra Bullock made it to earth in “Gravity” not because of luck & perseverance, but because Myles Jack told her to get the hell down here.
  • Johnny Football once wore Myles Jack jersey to USC frat party.
  • Usain Bolt is not running races, he is running away from Myles Jack.
  • Sharks all gather for a week to watch the”Myles Jack Week” on discovery channel.

Click on the pic of the orgasmic Arizona fan above or the “read more” next to the plus sign below to be taken to Myles Jack… The Man, the myth, the everythang.

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UCLA vs Colorado Highlight Video

Uhhhh….. Uncomfortable close ups…

There is something that is so uncomfortable about the above extreme close up by Fox Sports that I had the need to flip the channel when my girlfriend walked into the room.   Let’s zoom out a bit on the spirit squad Fox and maybe focus on someone that is not as hot as the subject of the gif above.

Anyway, bruins got back on track with a semi- impressive win over the mighty Colorado Buffaloes   What is depressing is the fact that UCLA beat and treated Colorado much like how Oregon beat and treated us.   Shows the gap that exists between the elite of the Pac 12 vs the second tier.   Emo take aside, inside you will find both the first half and second half highlights from the game, along with a separate video showing the chippiness that occurred toward the end of the game between Anthony Barr and everyone on the Colorado Buffaloes offense.   Click on the too much emotion faced cheerleader or the “read more” sign next to the plus sign below to be taken the to videos.

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UCLA vs Stanford Hype Video


Stanford you son of a bitch.   Y U RUIN HYPE VIDEO?  Fuck that, we still need to pay the trees back for what happen last year.   Click on the pic above or the “read more” option below the plus sign below to be taken to the UCLA vs Stanford vid.

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UCLA vs Utah Highlights

Keep it classy Utah

There are so many things going on with the above picture.   It appears as though we found Anthony Barr’s Caucasian doppelganger on the bottom right, evidence of Jimmy Clausen’s passion for Utah Utes football (and frameless glasses) on the left, and a certain to be ‘ridiculous photogenic football fan‘ meme in the upper right of the picture.   Otherwise the above picutre appears to capture a normal everyday Utah life from what I can tell.

Off to the highlights we go… Please wish Torian White a healthy recovery, news broke today that he will be out for the rest of the season with a broken ankle.  Go Bruins! (Click on “read more” next to the plus sign below to be taken to the highlights, in HD by the way.).

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